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How to treat arthritis in a German Shepherd?

Question by Kodoku: How to treat arthritis in a German Shepherd?
For the past year our dog has had some problems with arthritis and we have tried some supplements for it, but she gets sick upon taking them.
Now it’s getting worse and she occasionally falls or stumbles upon getting up and walking.

Is there anything i can do to treat this? I can’t stand to see my own dog unable to walk.

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Answer by LindsayB Is Back
Your vet has medications for this.

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11 comments to How to treat arthritis in a German Shepherd?

  • angeloneus

    Have you taken her to the vet for this? GSD’s can have spinal problems and hip dysplasia as well as simple arthritis and there are things that can be done beyond just giving supplements if you want to help her. But the vet has to diagnose the problem in order to treat it.

  • Hollywood

    You can try giving her foods that are good for arthritis, like yams. Try mixing some cooked, pureed yams, cooked, cut up asparagus, and a sprinkle of celery seeds on your dog’s daily diet. Chile peppers, cherries (no pits), and radishes are all foods that can help your dog overcome arthritic pain. You can also feed him some cooked cabbage, a teaspoon of lemon juice, some tomato puree, and a few watercress to help him feel better!

  • Belgian Nut

    If you can’t stand to see your own dog unable to walk because she’s in that much pain, you’d have taken her to the vet for x-rays and be giving her whatever the vet prescribed to keep her pain-free. If its that bad that this poor dog is stumbling, obviously over-the-counter supplements do NOT work.

  • Karenlouise

    German Shepherd Arthritis

    Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)

    Arthritis is an ailment where the joints of the bones degenerate at age. Like human beings, all dogs can suffer from Arthritis as they age. Healthy German Shepherds seem not to be particularly susceptible to Arthritis, but generally all dogs may develop it as they age due to the nature of their joints, especially their hips and shoulders. Therefore, German Shepherds with Hip Dysplasia or Elbow Dysplasia are likely to suffer Arthritis later too.

    Who Gets Arthritis

    Purebred dogs are generally more susceptible to Arthritis, especially large dogs with a lot of weight put on their joints. All dogs can get Arthritis at some point in life, but Obesity (see 25) is a major contributing factor, and dogs that put undue stress on their joints (eg excessive jumping) can suffer much more from it than others.

    Warning Signs

    Most commonly, dogs that are overweight and don’t get enough exercise develop Arthritis. Additionally, younger dogs can get Arthritis if they sustain an injury that puts undue stress on the joints. Hence it is best to look out for these three warning signs.

    When your German Shepherd gets older, watch for any signs that it is losing its full range of motion. If your dog slows down, cannot get up stairs, or has trouble getting into the car at any point, you should visit a vet to determine the extent of the Arthritis and if your GSD needs medication or other aids to live life as normal.

    Avoiding and Treating Arthritis

    Arthritis can be avoided or at least postponed with regular exercise, a healthy diet and a careful eye for whenever your dog’s range of motion decreases. It is often inevitable at age though, and in that case it will be an issue that initially needs to be attended by a vet.

    For the treatment of Arthritis a number of medications are available to reduce pain without side effects, and to improve the range of motion as your German Shepherd gets older.

    Although there is no cure yet for Arthritis, countless dog owners claim that a daily tablet of the joint health supplement Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM has removed all its symptoms – so much that even 12 year old dogs are suddenly again jumping around like puppies. Indeed, Arthritis is the typical condition when vets recommend the administration of this joint health supplement.

  • Jen

    Just like in people as animals age, deterioration of the joints and connecting tissue becomes an issue. there are many options here and it depends on the severity. Your vet will help you determine this and some options for treatment. There are some that need injections of steroids and daily pain meds while others show improvement with treatments you can administer like: The Missing Link which is a granular supplement added directly to food and chewable bites with glucosamine and chondroiten like dasequin has also proven sucessful for me and can be used in conjuction with each other. Be sure to check with your vet on every supplement and explore alternative methods such as canine massage and accupuncture.

  • emmaleigh

    i had a 13 year old mastiff that had hip problems and arthritis once, our vet told us to simply give her one bayer asprin every day- much like a heart attack prevention in humans. Use regular bayer asprin and just give them one, see if they improve.
    You do need to take them to get checked out by a vet, though. Lumps along the belly and severe hip and joint issues could signal cancer.


    Try Silica from red algae (health food store), or Shark’s Cartilage. The Silica was recommended by a nutritional company for our horse. It has helped our Border Collie, and it has helped me.

  • avyjup

    i cann’t help you

  • gumby

    You should immediately start omega fish oil. Try to get up to at least 1000mg. You can get it in a bottle or in individual capsules. I mix it up in a little Kong peanut butter paste.

    You also must give painkiller ASAP. If she can’t take the pills then get the vet to give her a steroid shot ASAP.

  • ordinaryvoter

    Dogs with arthritis can be helped by several remedies, including NSAIDs (anti-inflammatories), Devil’s claw herbs, losing weight, omega-3 fatty acids and adding little bits of vegetables such as broccoli to their meals. Certain types of massage also have been proven helpful.

  • Princess V

    Hi, have you tried Chondropaw? I have tried it on my 9 year old boxer with serious joint pain and dysplasia. I could see that he was in much pain, he had a very hard time even getting up from a laydown position, reluctant to run and go up the stairs. I didn’t want to give him drugs and damage his liver. Someone told me about ChondroPaw so I decided to try it because it was natural. worked!, I saw changes in Dvorak my dog after the 1st.week and before the 2nd.month he was running again!. He seems like he doesn’t have pain anymore. It worked for my dog, it may work for yours too!.
    They also have videos of customers tracking the progress of their dogs on chondropaw. Very interesting to watch. Hope it helps.

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